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2024 Information Updates


2024 Updates:


Glenwood (Saturday night): Glenwood Lake Park

Red Oak (Sunday night): east of the YMCA between N 4th Street and N 6th Street

Atlantic (Monday night): Fairgrounds

Winterset (Tuesday night): City Park E. South Street and S. 9th Street

Knoxville (Wednesday night): Auld Park

Ottumwa (Thursday night): Ottumwa Park (south end of park near Teepee off of Teal Drive)

Mount Pleasant (Friday night): Old Threshers

Burlington (opening weekend): Westland Mall

Messages that will be posted on Facebook during the ride below (you can take a picture if you would like)

FRIDAY July 19  

Welcome to Brancel Bicycle Charters 2024 (BBC)! Burlington check-in Friday 2 to 8:30 pm.   

Glenwood check-in begins Saturday at 11 am at Glenwood Lake Park, 100 Lake Drive.    

Burlington Friday: Bike loading & check-in at Westland Mall 550 S. Gear Ave.     

Burlington Saturday: bus (people and luggage) loading at Westland Mall. The bus ticket handout starts at approx. 6:45 am, the first buses load at approx. 7:15 and they load and go.    

SATURDAY July 20 – Part 1  

Glenwood: BBC Camping – Glenwood Lake Park: 104 Lake Drive. Green space close to E. Sharp Street.  Showers at high school, middle school and YMCA (not part of the shower card)    

Main campground at High School 504 E Sharp Street.  This is also our closest severe weather shelter.  

Tire dip: option 1 – water at High School option 2 – meet at Subway, 948 S Locust Street, for a group bike ride to the river.  Ride leaves on the hour from 1 pm to 5 pm Saturday.     

Bike expo / entertainment – downtown. Food: vendors downtown. Walk west on Sharp Street for about half a mile. Or yellow shuttle route goes downtown. The shuttle stop is near the entrance to our camp on Sharp Street.  

Opening Ceremonies 6-7 pm. 

Main act: Billy McGuigan 7-11 pm.   

Pool at 500 Redbud Ave, just north of HS. 

Population 5000. Theme: Loess Get it Started. Hil Yeah! Last hosted in 2016.   


Sunday morning remember to load your gear on OUR SEMI. Welcome to RAGBRAI LI and your bike journey!   

Sunday bike route out – go east on Sharp Ave. then left (north) on Hershey Ave.  

Sunday theme: Tire dip – Mile of Silence. 42 miles and 2435 feet of climb.     

General camp info: We leave the prior overnight town at 8 a.m. Therefore, we target noon to have the semi luggage unloaded. Especially on a short bike day, arriving at camp before noon means you may wait for your luggage. Towels for those with blue wristbands will be located at the shower truck.   

Each day, we will talk about 2 campgrounds in each town. The first is where BBC is camping. The second is the Main Campground (CG) where the RAGBRAI group camps.   


When arriving in the overnight town, follow blue BBC signs to camp.  

In Red Oak, BBC camp on fairgrounds, at rectangular lot east of YMCA.   

Shower truck southeast corner of the green space.      

Main CG – High School 2-3 blocks north of us. 

Severe weather shelter: High School and YMCA. 

Food: downtown and fairgrounds.  

Pool at 108 Legion Park, directly north of YMCA building.  

Entertainment downtown. 8:30 pm headliner is Pet Rock 

Population: 5600. Theme: Pedal to the Pumpkin.    

Monday bike route out: West side of campsite take N. 4th Street north and then turn left (west) on Ratliff Road.  

Bike ride: 41 miles and 1702. Theme: Hometown Pride Jersey Day.  



Atlantic campsite at Cass County Fairgrounds.  

Optional dinner in camp tonight by Family Table.   

Showers: on the road that comprises the southern border of our campsite.  

Main CG: Also in the Fairgrounds, in the ball diamond directly west of us. 

Severe Weather Shelter: Cass County Community Bldg. just east of our campsite. 

Downtown: Entertainment / food.   

Shuttle stop in NW corner of our campsite on W 10th St. Red route takes you downtown.  

Pool: Go west of the main CG’s ball diamond and it is directly west.  

Main Act: The Pork Tornados  

Population 6800. Theme: AtlantipaLooza!    

Tuesday bike route out: Go east (right) on W. 10th Street for .8 miles from Fairgrounds and then right on Linn Street. Bike highlights: 82 miles and 4519. College Jersey Day.  


Winterset – City Park, the closest intersection is E. South Street and S. 9th Street.  

Check out the covered bridges at our park that were in the movie “Bridges of Madison County.”  

Mid-week laundry drop-off 5 to 7 pm. 

Showers: East side of the tree line that lines the east side of our park.  

Main CG at the Pool, 1201 W. Jefferson Street.  About 1.5 mile away on the NW side of town.  

Downtown: walk west on E South St 7 blocks then north on John Wayne Dr for 4 blocks. Or can shuttle. 

Shuttle: nearest shuttle stop is 2 blocks north to Court Ave, close to the athletic fields. Red shuttle route.  

Severe weather shelters: 1. Public Library ½ mile away. Walk west on South St for 6 blocks then north on 2nd St. Library is at 2nd St & Jefferson. 2. Elementary School 2/3 mile away. Walk west on South St 9 blocks then south 1 block on 2nd Ave. School is at 2nd Ave & High St. 

Main act – Not Quite Brothers 8:30-10:30 pm.  

Population 5300. Theme: Hilliest of the Hilliest.   

Wednesday bike route out: Go left (W) on E. South Street for 7 blocks until T in road.  Then left to go south on S. 1st Ave. / John Wayne Drive.  

Bike Highlights: 75 and 3041 feet of climb.  RAGBRAI Jersey Day.   


Knoxville camp at Auld Park. N 2nd St; Reno St on the north; N 3rd St; Douglas St on the south. 

Showers: Along the east side of the park, on 3rd Street. 

Mid-week laundry return: 5 to 7 pm. 

Main CG is at Recreation Center 800 S. Park Lane with indoor pool. 1.5 miles away, on the west side of town.  

Severe weather shelter: NorthStar Elementary School 4 blocks NW. City will have shuttles to shelters. Or walk north one block then turn left to go west on Rock Island St. After 3 blocks turn right to go north on Kent St which will take you to the side of the school.  

Food and entertainment downtown, which is 4 blocks south of our camp.  

The nearest shuttle stop is downtown (4 blocks south of us).  

Entertainment in camp with Kielyn Taylor from our staff around 3:30. Free ice cream day from Jersey Freeze Ice Cream from Monroe IA around 3:30. 

Entertainment: Hairball. 

Population: 7600.  Theme: Racing Thru Knoxville.     

Thursday bike route out: S. On N. 2nd Street for 1/3 of a mile and then left (E) on W. Robinson Street. Bike highlights: 63 miles and 2502 feet of climb.  I Ride 4 Day.  


Ottumwa Camp: Ottumwa Park by Teepee. On maps we are in area 11 which is in the section called Handlebar Hollow. We are south of Teal Drive and west of the “Command Center.”  

Showers: On the grass in the north end of Handlebar Hollow  

Main CG: Ottumwa Park north of Wapello Street.  

Pool: Beach Ottumwa at 101 Church Street. Northeast of our camp, other side of Hwy 34. Impressive mini waterpark style pool.  

Entertainment: In the Bridge View Center parking lot. Shuttle there or walk northeast to the other side of Hwy 34. 

Food: near the main CG and near the Bridge View Center parking lot. 

Severe weather shelter: Boy Scout Building which is in our camp space. Alternative is the Bridge View Center building.    

Theme: City on the Hill.   

Main Act: Night Ranger 9 pm.    

Population 25500.   

Friday route out: South on Wapello Street, straight thru first roundabout, take third exit on second roundabout onto to Richmond Ave. Bike highlights: 85 miles and 3160 feet of climb.  Mr. Pork Chop and Karras Loop.   

 FRIDAY am      

Mount Pleasant camp at Old Threshers / McMillian Park.  

Swing Crew band plays at camp around 3:30.  

Showers: inside the Old Threshers area, to the northwest of us. Directly west of the Wright Family Pavilion.  

Severe weather shelter: Old Threshers Office Building. This is directly southwest of our camp space.          

Main CG just west of us, in the large rectangular space. 

Mount Pleasant has a population of 9200.  Theme: Make Yourself at Home!  

Pool 600 W. Clay Street, northwest of our space about 1 mile.   

Food: Downtown or in the Wright Family Pavilion which is just northwest of us. 

Entertainment downtown. Main Act – Spazmatics  

Downtown: About ¾ mile to the northwest. Shuttle is available. To walk, go to the west edge of the Old Thresher space. Go north on Locust St 6 blocks then west on Washington St 4 blocks.  

Sat route out: Go north on S Walnut Street .75 miles then turn right onto E. Henry Street. Ride 47 miles and 1016 feet of climb. Tire Dip Day   


 Burlington population: 24000. Theme: Dip it dip it good. Tire dip here we come!  

BBC Baggage drop: Westland Mall. For safety purposes, our recommendation is to shuttle back to Westland Mall from Tire Dip.     

After the dip site, bike about 2/3 mile to Harmony Bible Church at 550 Division St (near intersection of N 6th St & Division St). The town is planning to sign you to the church. Leave your bike at the church. The shuttle will take you from the church out to Westland Mall. Get your luggage and vehicle then come back to get your bike.          

Congrats on riding RAGBRAI LI! Thanks for joining us!  

Like other service industries, our staff appreciate your tips. While never required, recognition of the week’s service will be distributed to our staff. For guidance on how much to tip, the daily camping and baggage service cost is $330 per person for the week so a 15% tip is $50. If you want to send a tip electronically, Venmo @Deborah-Brancel (with phone number ending in 9220) and memo ‘BBC tip.’  

Once again, thank you for being our customers this week. We hope to see you again another year! 




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