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Thank you for visiting our site and considering us for RAGBRAI 2022. Let us know of any questions, we’d love to have you join us.

Brancel Bicycle Charters offer a variety of options for RAGBRAI bicyclists.

We provide transportation with your bikes to Sergeant Bluff from Lansing before the ride, with an option to also transport your gear during the week and have a designated campsite with canopies, chairs and beverages to reside at after each day’s ride. There are additional services from showers to massages, please see below for full list.

Bus and bike transportation on July 23, 2022 from Lansing to Sergeant Bluff $175 (SOLD OUT)

  • Professional moving company used to transport bikes (no bike disassembly)
  • Ride in comfort in an air-conditioned charter bus
  • A bus host on each bus to answer questions
  • Registration table for easy check in

For more information, visit our Bus & Bike Transport page

Camping and daily baggage service option only $260 (SOLD OUT):

  • Campsites selected in advance by visiting each overnight town
  • Campers are limited which provides us with greater flexibility in selecting campsites
  • Our campsites have
    • Shower trucks (additional cost)
    • Canopies
    • Chairs
    • Portable bathrooms
    • Hand washing stations
    • Electronic charging station
    • Luggage carts
    • Wide variety of beverages
    • Bike pumps
    • Bags are covered when it rains
  • A bike mechanic traveling with our group My Bike Guy
  • Color coded luggage tags
  • Personalized service from a family run business.

For more information, visit our Week-long camping page.

Optional services:

We offer numerous optional services. We know not everyone will use every service if they come in a package. Offering additional services “ala carte” allows our customers to only pay for use.

  • Dinner in our camp at least one night. We try to locate a church for a dinner for a second night, as an additional service and as a way to create a camp community. You can purchase this the night of the dinner for $10.
  • Daily towel service. We provide a towel and then wash and dry it for you each day. This option is $20 for the week. The towel service is limited to the first 300 people that pay for the service due to laundromat constraints. Most locations that we camp next to offer towels with the shower for a nominal fee.
  • Mid-week laundry. You turn in clothes on Tuesday night of the ride and we return them to you on Wednesday night. This helps if you need to have bike shorts or jerseys done during the middle of the week. The cost of this is $20 and includes a complimentary bag.
  • Morning coffee for $2 per day. We get the coffee from HyVee Stores or a local coffee shop.
  • Massage offered by professional massage therapists
  • Limited sag to the next overnight town

If you add up all of our optional services our cost is well below others that package these services. With us you get to tailor it to your needs and not pay for what you won’t use.

Options and cost:

Option 1: $415 (SOLD OUT)

  • Bus and bike transportation from Lansing to Sergeant Bluff on July 23, 2022  and daily camping/baggage service for the week.

Option 2: $175 (SOLD OUT)

  • Bus and bike transportation from Lansing to Sergeant Bluff on July 23, 2022.

Option 3: $260 (SOLD OUT)

  • Daily camping/baggage service for the week.

Option 4: $40 per day (SOLD OUT)

  • Daily camping/baggage service for those needing less than a full week. Per day camping.

The daily towel service is purchased with registration (so we have enough towels), but all the other optional services mentioned can be purchased once you are on the ride.

Please see our Q&A for the prices of the optional services. Even if you take all of our optional services, we believe we will be a great value when you compare it to others that package them all together.


Come join us for a week in Iowa and experience our friendly staff and awesome providers. Our campsite providers each day include My Bike Guy mechanic, Thunder Showers, The Therapeutic Collection massage therapist and Moore’s Portable Toilets. Enjoy visits during the week from the Swing Crew band, Family Table Restaurant and Jersey Freeze Ice Cream.

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