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About Brancel


We take great pride in serving you year after year.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service for your outdoor bicycle adventure in Iowa. We try to do this by providing services that make it easier to enjoy RAGBRAI without adding in services that you don’t need and will just increase your cost. Of course, value is a lot like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder!

The charter was started by Bob and Debbie Brancel. We had ridden RAGBRAI in the past before starting the charter. We are active in triathlons and other crazy endeavors. Although our passion is RAGBRAI, Debbie has a job in insurance and Bob is a full-time entrepreneur.

Our daughter, Nicole who is 30 years old. She is attending Medical School in Washington and isn’t currently involved in RAGBRAI. Nicole, Bob and Debbie have all finished Ironman Wisconsin.

Bob and Debbie have a daughter, Emma, who is 13. Emma has been helping on RAGBRAI since she was 9.

Our staff is made up of family members and friends of our family.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service for your outdoor bicycle adventure across Iowa. We do this by providing exceptional customer service with attention to detail. Learn why 99.5% of past customers would recommend us to others.

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